Process of Formation and Development


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Tax Code: 0104058614
Business Registration: Business Registration Certificate no. 0104058614, issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Invesment on July 16th, 2009.
Address: No.187, Hoang Van Thai Street, Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Representative office: C26 – TT8 – Van Quan Urban Area, Van Quan Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City. 
Tell.: (+0084) 2432.063.222                                                          Fax: (+0084) 2432.063.222
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Representative: Mr. NGUYEN TUAN ANH.                            Position: Director 

Our Company was formerly known as Huong Duong Viet Nam International Invesment Company Limited, which was established and officially operated on July 16th, 2009. After 7 years of operation, in order to conform to State development scope in the field of Construction and Development, our Company took a transfer from Company Limited to Joint Stock Company with Vietnamese name as Future Development Solution Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as Fudeso)

 Being approached to Jokaso from our japanese partners, our technical staff constantly do research, apply and improve the technology which is suitable to practical conditions of Vietnam. Meanwhile, we also build Jokaso Fudeso technology standard in line with Japanese Jokaso with supplement of waste discharge regulations of Vietnam, ensuring the most reasonable price. In December of 2012, Fudeso produced the first Jokaso product in Vietnam, which had the same treatment efficiency and sustainability as imported products from Japan. This system was installed on trial in Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Course in Dalat. The system still operates well at present, having brought many benefits for the investor. 

In June of 2014, Fudeso and Hung Dai Long have successfully cooperated in manufacturing FRP Jokaso FRP Composite according to Composite design standard of Japanese Construction Research Center. This cooperation helps Fudeso JSC. produce optional products up to 90% of equipment on Jokaso made in Japan, creating sustainability, aesthetics and high efficiency, which can meet requirements of the most stringen investors. With expericenced and dedicated staff, we are pleased to cooperate with a lot of partners in order to make products with higher quality, bringing real benefits for community. 

As our motto “Solid Foundation create Bright Future”, we always try to provide customers with the best services in consultancy and transfer of technology for environment treatment in order to help enterprises improve working efficiency and ensure the sustainable development. Besides service provisions for each customer, we are always ready to consult, make treatment plan and protect environment without any charges, helping enterprises perform their works synchronously and efficiently with the most reasonable price. 

With many years of experience, implementing many projects for enterprises and organizations nationwide in the field of environment, we believe we will provide the best and most effective services to meet all your requirements.